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Mike Cavaliere


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Build a SaaS with
React and Next.js

Learn how to build full-stack Jamstack apps by building one from scratch.
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Tech you'll use in the book:

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Why a Jamstack SaaS book?

Hey, I'm Mike Cavaliere. I'm a Senior Software Engineer for an agency called Echobind. I've been writing code for two decades, and have been using JavaScript the whole time.

I absolutely love the Jamstack (JavaScript, APIs and markup) way of building things. But JavaScript evolves fast, and there are a ton of tools to choose from.

What form library should I use? How should I style things? Where do I put all my data? It's kind of overwhelming. 🤯

When you're building a SaaS (software-as-a-service) app, there are new challenges.

Do I need a database? Where should I host it? How do I keep my DB in sync with API data? Double 🤯🤯

In Cut Into The Jamstack, I answer all of these questions and more. I'll walk you through how I'm building a SaaS app, line by line with complete source code.

You'll get a taste of all of the popular libraries below and see how they work together to build a working, usable app.

After reading Cut Into The Jamstack, you'll feel much more comfortable kicking off your own Jamstack SaaS projects with all of these tools. I look forward to having you read it!

Mike Cavaliere

Senior Software Engineer


Learn the Jamstack

The Jamstack (JavaScript, API and markup) produces FAST powerful websites that are fun to build.

Learn by Doing

The book teaches you how I built JamShots, a collaborative photo gallery application, step-by-step with every line of code broken down.

Full-Stack JavaScript

You'll build JamShots with some of the hottest JavaScript frameworks and libraries around.

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Over 170 pages of lessons and examples for an incredible price. Free updates as the book grows.

Beta book

Current release



  • Over 170 pages of content
  • Full source code
  • Free updates
  • Dozens of lessons
  • Free access to JamShots photo app when it's live
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