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Building a Jamstack Game in a Day

At Echobind, we all have up to 8 hours per week of personal investment time: self-directed time where we stop working on client projects and we can build and learn the things that help us improve our craft. One week I decided to see what kind of simple game I could build with the full-stack Jamstack in one day.

Next.js Fundamentals Part 2

In my previous article I covered a wide array of Next.js basics with examples. Let's tie up that batch of basics with some remaining core essentials.

Next.js Fundamentals

Next.js is my preferred framework for making full-stack Jamstack applications. Here is a crash course in the core fundamentals of Next.js.

Modern React Component Structure

Nowadays in React, we use functional components with hooks instead of class-based components. Here are the reasons why, and several examples in action.

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